3MON s.r.o. is the exclusive Slovak supplier with a service center for firefighting buckets from SEI Industries Ltd. This company is recognized world-wide as an authority in its field and has been on the market for over 35 years. Firefighters have been using the Bambi Bucket since 1982 and firefighters in more than 110 countries around the world are currently using it in the line of duty. Firefighting buckets have been tested over years of use and are proven to be safe and reliable.

The firefighting buckets or Bambi Buckets from SEI Industries are highly effective tools for extinguishing fires from the air. They play a big role especially when it comes to forest fires and poorly accessible terrain.

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  • Bambi Bucket | 3MON
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Bambi Bucket

A highly efficient to fight fires from the air!

Bambi Bucket – a proven, integrated system that has been used in 110 countries worldwide for over 35 years.

It‘s lightweight, sturdy and easy to carry. This compatible water bag includes a flange filler on the side, or the bucket can be directly immersed into lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans. The operator can direct the drain valve directly from the cockpit via an electric control.

The capacity of the extinguishing bags is 270 to 9780 liters of water. For more efficient firefighting, it is possible to use not just water but different fire extinguishers to increase the efficiency of the extinguishing agent.

Bambi Torrentula

A firefighting bucket designed to be filled with water from shallow water sources. Especially from rivers and lakes. Water pumping is carried out by means of pumps fitted to the bottom of the bag.

This type of extinguishing bucket is comparatively heavier than the standard Bambi Bucket. Water drainage is possible with the built-in valve, controlled by the operator in the cockpit.

The capacity of the extinguishing buckets is from 2000 to 9800 liters of water.

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  • Hasiaci vak Bambi Bucket MAX | 3MON
  • Bambi Bucket MAX | 3MON

Bambi MAX

Bambi MAX is made of lightweight material with a low-voltage thrust and quick-running opening valve, which offers a great advantage in situations where there’s a need to release larger amounts of water. Bambi MAX is a reliable partner for extinguishing forest fires.

The capacity of the extinguishing bags is from 680 to 9800 liters of water.

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Accessories for Bambi Bucket firefighting tools


Firesock pre hasiaci vak | 3MON

Hood to guide the extinguishing stream.


Bambi Bucket PowerFill | 3MON

Side water pump.


Sacksfoam | 3MON

Foam injection system.


Bambi Bucket Power pack | 3MON

Portable charger.


Protective cover for the Bambi Bucket.


Vozík pod Bambi Bucket

Mobile trolley for transport and handling.


Repair Kit

Set for repairing small tears.


Firefighters water tank


  • Fireflex | 3MON

When working on the ground, firefighters can utilize FIREFLEX as a standby tank or as an instantly available water source. The self-supporting FIREFLEX canister is easy to fill from the nearest water source, lake, stream or water tank.

This type of filling of water reservoirs is also professionally referred to as “water transport” in difficult terrain. It is also possible to fill the Bambi Bucket from the water tank.

Available tank sizes range from 2275 to 54,500 liters of water.

FIREFLEX properties

  • Self supporting – no construction required
  • Compact, for easy storage
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy industrial fiber that is resistant to mold
  • Easily recognizable contrasting colors for the tank
  • Extra-large dimensions, top opening for the easy filling of helicopter buckets
  • Models/sizes available for all sizes of fire extinguishers
  • Easy maintenance, simple cleaning and repairs
  • Simple discharge with 3″ NPT valves
  • Quick and easy set up with 1 or 2 people, depending on the size

Oasis Tank

  • Oasis Tank | 3MON

Firefighters have long recognized the value and ease of using the aluminum decking frame of this tank.

For the effective and efficient use of water resources, especially where resources can be limited.

This water tank can continuously be refilled, thus ensuring a stable source of water for firefighting.

Advantages of the Oasis Tank:

  • Solid welded frame with aluminum pipes
  • Lightweight aluminum frame with an anti-corrosion treatment applied
  • Simple to assemble and easy transport and handling

Available tank sizes range from 2271 – 15,142 liters of water.