What are “cookies”

Every website uses cookies. Their purpose is to provide you with the best possible user experience during your visit to the website. Read how cookies are used on our website 3mon.sk.
You can think of cookies as a small amount of data that is sent as a file to your computer (tablet, smartphone) from the website you are currently visiting. A set of data is stored on the computer and every time you visit the same website, the computer sends the information to our server.
The cookie thus enables the website to recognize whether you have visited it in the past and which pages you have visited. At the same time, they are cookies, thanks to which you can save your user settings.

Why do we use cookies?

Most websites, including our company’s, use cookies. The purpose of cookies is to make it easier and more pleasant for you to use our website.
If you are on our website for the first time, we warn you about the use of cookies via the cookies bar, where you can express your consent to their use. Processing of cookies You can freely delete cookies or set your browser in advance so that it either refuses to accept cookies or warns you when the server tries to send you a cookie.
However, it may then happen that websites that depend on the support of cookies will not work as you would imagine, or that parts of the pages will not be available to you.