Colossus robots are developed by Shark Robotics, founded in 2016, which is currently considered a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality unmanned ground vehicles that combine performance, reliability and robustness. With their capabilities in robotics and mechanics, robots are manufactured and designed for specific customer needs and specific tasks to perform.
Hasičský robot Colossus - 3MON

Robot Colossus – the only fire-fighting robot

The Colossus robot was designed and developed in collaboration with the Military Paris Fire Department (BSPP), while during 5 years it was used in 270 interventions in various difficult conditions and dangerous environments. In France, in the city of La Rochelle, the entire process of research, development, design, assembly, as well as 100% production took place.
Robot COLOSSUS is the most powerful multi-purpose support robot in the world, resistant to high temperatures and with excellent characteristics in the field, designed for intervention in dangerous spaces with versatile use for firefighters, the army and industrial security. It stands out for its resistance to temperatures up to 600 °C, strong and durable construction made of aviation aluminum. Capable of moving forwards and backwards on different types of surfaces at a speed of 7.5 km/h, COLOSSUS is able to climb stairs up to a 40° incline, pass through doors 78 cm wide and more, turn in place and overcome obstacles up to 30 cm high.
Robot Colossus v akcii - 3MON
One of the many advantages of the COLOSSUS Robot is its enormous power, which is up to 16,000 watts of total power. It is able to pull and push 1000 kg, its load capacity is 500 kg and the battery life is up to 12 hours of use (6 batteries 29.8 – 46 Ah). Depending on the purpose of deployment of the robot, it can be quickly adapted to a specific task by changing its equipment in less than 30 seconds by one person without the need for special tools:
  • water gun installation: 10 seconds,
  • material carrier, assembly/disassembly: 20 seconds,
  • stretcher stretcher for transporting people: 20 seconds,
  • controllable bumper to enter spaces or to push away obstacles: 20 seconds.
Also of interest are its other technical parameters and features such as dimensions 160x78x76 cm, weight (without equipment) 500 kg, electromagnetic brakes and tactical rails for equipment, control range up to 600 meters and IP67 resistance. Using the IK Shark remote control, it is possible to remotely control the robot using two frequency transmitters (433 and 870 MHz) for a visible range of up to 300 meters. The remote control enables control of the water cannon, siren, LED lighting and winch. The NX-Shark remote control, which has a range of up to 500 meters, provides, in addition to the functions of the IK Shark remote control, output from the robot’s video cameras on an 11.6-inch screen, telemetry data, information about the robot’s position, deployment time and speed.

Robots and integrated rescue system

The possibilities of using robots in Slovakia within the framework of the Fire Rescue Service as well as other components of the integrated rescue system as well as the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic are really wide, for example as help for individual intervention components and their protection, help in difficult and inaccessible terrains, difficult conditions of intervention or use of the possibility of transmitting information from dangerous and hard-to-reach places of an emergency. They can provide significant help in interventions and when necessary:
  • fire monitoring using a FullHD camera and thermal camera,
  • Fire extinguishing using a water cannon with a flow rate of 3000l/m,
  • space monitoring through CBRN (chemical, biological, radiation, nuclear) sensors,
  • ventilating and cooling the space using a large-capacity fan,
  • the robot can have a construction for fixing a stretcher for the transport of a wounded person,
  • when creating an intervention path for a possible passage or intervention of components of the integrated rescue system using the controllable front bumper,
  • the need for a source of spare air storage,
  • transportation of equipment for firefighters
  • activities using an automatic winch up to 1000 kg
Since the beginning of the use of robots in France by the Paris Military Fire Brigade, the Marseille Naval Fire Battalion and other French fire brigades, it has been used in real-life interventions, for example:
  • Fire in a 500m2 electrical equipment warehouse, in which 150 firefighters intervened, while the fire also threatened neighboring warehouses. The robot used a water cannon module, which enabled remote extinguishing and facilitated the localization of burning places with the help of a thermal camera,
  • the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral fire, where the intervention lasted 10 hours at a temperature of 800 °C, the roof was in danger of collapsing and metal structures melting, the Colossus robot with a water cannon cooled the interior spaces and thus prevented the structures from collapsing,
  • fire of 3 warehouses with a total area of 6,550 m2, with the risk of igniting the stored material (textiles), 211 firemen participated in the elimination of the fire during 9 hours of intervention, a robot with a water cannon carried out the extinguishing, with the help of a thermal camera, research was carried out and the transmission of information about hidden sources of fire,
  • the fire of 16 trucks with the risk of spreading to dangerous substances that were transported in other trucks, the robot extinguished and cooled the burning trucks using a water cannon,
  • the fire of the underground garage, where the flames engulfed 2,000 m2, the robot ensured the lighting of the way for the firefighters despite the opaque smoke of the atmosphere and transported the equipment for the reconnaissance and attack group of the firefighters