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GINA Tablet

Connect all units of the integrated rescue system for a faster arrival time to the scene.

Faster arrival
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Emergency vehicles
Reduction of radio communication
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GINA TABLET is an application designed to help integrated units (policemen, firefighters and emergency services) in the field. The system communicates with the 112 operation center (security number) and provides commanders with a tool for more efficient management of activities and correct decision-making in each phase of the intervention.
The tablet can be used during the journey to the intervention (list of exits, statuses, navigation), during the intervention itself (mutual coordination, drawing on the map, creation of photos and their sharing) and also after the intervention (photo archive, data storage, visualization of the route to the intervention).
Installation in vehicles takes about 30 minutes and there is no need to interfere with the interior of the vehicle. Simply attach the durable mount to the dashboard and you’re ready to go.


While driving

  • Immediate receipt of departure order
  • Sending statuses with confirmation
  • Sending independent of the radio signal
  • Real-time location tracking for all units
  • Navigation
  • Current traffic situation
  • Possibility of calling the reporter directly
Funkcionalita GINA Tablet - 3MON

On Hit

  • Mutual coordination of the arrival of units
  • Possibility to create, edit and share photos
  • Sharing map previews and drawing on maps
  • Points of interest “POI” overview
  • Access to building evacuation plans
  • Operational building cards
Funkcionalita GINA Tablet pri zásahu - 3MON

Advanced Features

  • Meteorological radar
  • Video streaming from portable cameras
  • Communication via messages
  • Drone mapping support
  • Loading data from documents with the possibility of person lustration
  • Dark mode
Rozšírené funkcie GINA Tablet - 3MON


Android with GSM module, camera and microSD for offline maps

SYGIC navigation (offline mode, traffic situation)

SSL channel (AES 256 bit), ISO27001 infrastructure

GSM network / Iridium, integration on E-CALL

Evacuation plans, database of HAZMAT chemical substances, database of vehicle evacuation

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