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Robot Colossus

The COLOSSUS robot is a multipurpose support robot for interventions in places with a high risk of danger with versatile use for firefighters, the military and industrial security. It is characterized by its resistance to temperatures up to 600 °C, solid and durable construction made of aviation aluminum.
  • Manufacturer
    Shark Robotics
  • Carrying capacity
    500 kg
  • Battery life
    to 12 hours
  • Reach
    600 meters
The COLOSSUS robot is the most powerful electric robot in the world, resistant to heat waves and with excellent characteristics in the field. It can move on different types of surface at a speed of up to 3.5 km/h, it can climb stairs with an inclination of up to 40°, it can pass through doors at least 78 cm wide and it can overcome obstacles up to a height of 30 cm.

High adaptability

The robot can be adapted to a specific task by changing the equipment in less than 30 seconds, by one person and without the need for special tools.
  • Installation of a water canon
    30 seconds
  • Material carrier
    30 seconds
  • Mounting the bumper
    30 seconds
  • Stretcher carrier
    20 seconds

Features (fixed)

Dimensions (length x width x height): 170 x 78 x 76 cm
Weight (without equipment): 500 kg
Speed: 3.5 km/h
Load capacity: up to 500 kg
Lasting time: up to 12 hours depending on the environment
Ability to overcome obstacles: up to a height of 30 cm
Slope: 40°
Side slope: up to 35°
Resistance: IP67
Control range: up to 600 meters
Electromagnetic brakes and tactical equipment rails.

Nákres robota Colossus - 3MON


IK Shark remote control

You control the robot remotely using a dual-frequency transmitter (433 and 870 MHz). Control functions: water carriage, siren, LED lighting, winch. Control at a visible range of up to 300 meters

Durable Nx-Shark Remote Control

IK-SHARK + output from the robot’s video cameras on an 11.6-inch screen. Telemetry: output about temperature, signal quality, robot position, deployment time, speed. Driving assistant with a robot (virtual direction lines). Control range up to 500 meters.

Other accessories

Spare batteries Electric winch Various color versions by anodization Kit for extending control by 400-500 m

Colossus on video

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