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Rosenbauer AT
Advanced Technology
The most innovative and modern superstructures
fire and rescue vehicles in the world.

Innovative development.
Reliable handling.

The AT is an excellent all-round firefighting vehicle that combines functionality and modular components.

Its construction and controls are impressive,

with optimal storage and access to equipment, crew safety and ideal weight distribution on and between the axles. The highly refined concept of the vehicle offers a wide range of design options.

The vehicles can be equipped with an extended integrated cab or with a classic short cab delivered with the chassis. The superstructure is available on chassis with different wheelbases and with water tank sizes from 1,000 to 5,000 liters. AT can therefore be perfectly adapted to the requirements of each customer – thanks to the specific and well-coordinated integration of innovative solutions, individual configurations are possible.


Vysoká torzná odolnosť hasičského auta Rosenbauer AT - 3MON

High torsional resistance

The frame structure of the AT superstructure guarantees, among other things, high torsion resistance.
Rosenbauer AT má nízke ťažisko - 3MON

Low center of gravity

A low center of gravity has a positive effect on vehicle handling and rollover susceptibility.
Displej s vysokým rozlíšením Rosenbauer AT - 3MON

Front display with high resolution

The 10” RBC LCS display with high resolution and wide viewing angle, day/night switching function and touch screen control is in accordance with the Rosenbauer control concept. The display provides an overview of the state of the entire vehicle and enables the control of fire extinguishers and signal units.
Nové LED svetlá pre väčšiu bezpečnosť Rosenbauer AT - 3MON

Designed for safety

Not only the new LED technology contributes to greater safety, but also the new visual design of the front and rear warning lights.
Perfektné osvetlenie Rosenbauer AT - 3MON

Perfect lighting

High-performance LED strips integrated into the roof gallery provide perfect, glare-free and uniform illumination of the scene. A colorful, flashing LED strip along the entire length of the roof gallery structure increases the visibility of the emergency vehicle.
Využiteľný priestor Rosenbauer AT - 3MON

Optimal usable space

An integrated crew cab ensures that the superstructure roof is level, reducing the chance of tripping and increasing the roof storage area for equipment.
Zadné svetlá Rosenbauer AT - 3MON

Rear lights

Bright rear lights, developed exclusively for Rosenbauer, ensure even greater safety.
Integrovaná kabína pre posádku Rosenbauer AT - 3MON

Integrated crew cabin

The integrated crew cab includes features such as comfortable benches with or without breathing apparatus, indirect LED lighting and safety cut-out on the rear panel of the driver’s cab tested to ECE R29, robust interior trim with easy maintenance, as well as a flat floor to the outer edge of the cab.
Otočné schodíky Rosenbauer AT pre bezpečné nastupovanie - 3MON

Safe boarding

The revolving steps under the crew cabin door have a deep step, are homogeneously lit and include an intelligent braking function for safe entry and exit of the crew.
Integrovaná kabína pre posádku Rosenbauer AT - 3MON

Functional and easy to use

The upper parts of the superstructure, where the firefighting equipment is stored in blinds, can be easily reached with the help of folding stairs around the entire perimeter of the superstructure. When folded down, the stairs are at the same level along the entire length of the superstructure and their height is adapted to the height of the chassis.

Designed for high performance

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