Thanks to its unique offer, GTS has become a strategic component of coordinating response units.

GTS is the perfect mix of hardware and software

The GTS system is a combination of hardware and software whose main part consists of the Smart stone, a tool that sends data to both a mobile application and web interface for a perfect overview.

GTS Control | 3MON

GTS helps with emergency interventions

Overview of the number of people in the building

Thanks to GTS, the commander of the unit is kept perfectly informed about the number of people in the building and can use the locators to see the location of their team.

Reduce the amount of property damage

GTS technology accelerates the reaction time of the response units in cases of fire and reduces the amount of damage to the property.

Fast and efficient evacuation of the building

Handy mobile apps provide users with the fastest way to get safely out of the building during an evacuation.

Real-time data

Intelligent Smart stones deliver real-time data to the web service interface, allowing the monitoring of people in the building in real time.


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